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John Reade, Poet



Phyllis Read writes:

Robert Read owned a store in Pettigo. John Reade, the Canadian poet is a member of the same Read family (he added an e to his name).

I have in my possession two issues of his prose: (1) Language and Conquest. - A Retrospect and a Forecast by John Reade From the Transactions of the Royal  Society of Canada Vol. 1., Section 11., 1882 Montreal: Dawson Brothers,
Publishers, 1883.

2. "The Literary Faculty of the Native Races of America" by John Reade. - From the Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada Volume 11 Section 11 1884. Montreal: Dawson Brothers Publishers, 1884.

I quote from the book "Pettigo" by Robert Read who owned the general store there, (no date of publishing) but he died about 1924.

"In this year (and often previously) a young man named John Read was on a visit with his friends in Pettigo. Although not born in Pettigo he always claimed it as his home, his father and mother being Petigo people and most of his own early days having been spent here. He has attained high rank in the literary world in Canada, to which he emigrated after spending four or five years at Portora Royal School, Enniskillen. In his writings and his literary productions are numerous, both prose and poetry - he often identifies himself with Pettigo, signing many of his productions. "John Templecarne".
(The name of the Parish) He has published a history of Canada and a volume of poems which have had a wide circulation. I think it not out of place to give a specimen in reference to the days when he lived in Pettigo."

A copy of "Drumheriff Hill" follows (this overlooks Pettigo) and Robert Read goes on to tell of historic events: In 1855, severe frost with little or no snow - traffic to Boa Island crossed on ice.

"1856 close of the Crimean war in which Pettigo had its representatives, I might have said its heroes, in the humbler ranks of the army - too many to name here, but Gibson, Read, Burnside, and Dougherty might be mentioned."


I am hoping that perhaps some other Reads may respond saying they too are relatives of John Reade. His father Joseph was the son of John Read b. 1740, m. Mary Aiken.

Joseph's siblings were: James - to U.S.A; Adam b. 1780, merchant New York & Mobile. Blockaded in Mobile by Northern Fleet; William; Thomas, 1787 m. Catherine Swanston, Nov. 30, 1815; David, Manager Bank, Nashsville Tenessee. daughter m. Rev. Keys, son Opie Read b. 1852. Family history says that Opie founded "The Arkansas Traveler { in Little Rock, Arkansas}. He was lecturer and author of many books. Died N.Y. 1939; Anne m. Porter

In the Concise Dict of American Biography, N.Y. Scribers, 1964, Opie's parents are listed differently and I suspect he is the grandson of David. Unfortunately at this time, I have mislaid the reference.

Robert Read, who owned the store in Pettigo was the first cousin of John Reade being descended from Thomas Read who married Catherine Swanston.

Several of Robert Read's children came to Canada, including my father-in-law, Charles Edward Read.

I had never thought to try and link the Reads by the famous Canadian poet.

Phyllis Read

John Reade "Killynoogan"         John Reade, Poet

Contributed by Phyllis Read

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