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Gail M. Orr Erickson writes this is from genealogy done by a relative Henry Fleming Orr:

William Orr voted in Carrickpolin 1788 which is already listed on Voters.

John Orr Voted 1796 Carrickpolin died 1812, lease of land commenced in 1779

Joseph Orr and Jane  (ggg grandparent's)
Joseph born circa 1772 died 1838
Jane died 1862
Joseph's will was proven in 1839. Noted in Tithe Applotment books circa 1825 to 1835 Aghalurcher holding about 30 acres.

Joseph Orr and Sarah of Ervey married 1802 
Joseph born circa 1780 to 1783
Lease made in 1807

Children of Joseph
Mary born 1804
Joseph born 1804 (1805 by death records) Married Mary Ann Burnside (someone cut off part of this but it is noted as ----ook for Aghalurcher (We have this line)

John Orr married Margaret Burnside John of Carrickpolin was born 1809 died 1900 Margaret Burnside born 1820 died 1888 (My gg grandparent's)

Henry Orr of Ervey born 1807 died 1887 married Elizabeth Riddell born 1913 died 1903. Have names of children of there's but only one son Reverend John is followed up on and they have all his children's names also. All of John's son's are Reverend's plus one daughter Kathleen is married to a Reverend C. H. Maxwell. But no where do they tell us where they lived.


Contributed by Gail M. Orr Erickson

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