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The letters of John O'Donovan from Fermanagh in 1834 originally published in 1993 by John B. Cunningham and out of print is now republished on CDROM.

Letters of John O'Donovan Edited by John B. Cunningham 1993. Produced on CDROM by Ariadne Web Design 1999.  Copyright illustration Sonia Cunningham.

John O'Donovan, one of Ireland's greatest gaelic scholars, historians and genealogists recorded his impressions of Fermanagh in 1834 and gives us a glimpse of a hidden Ireland 20 years before the great famine. He records the folklore and antiquities of the county, the ancient kingdoms, their conflicts and their rulers and places them in the context of the ancient Irish Annals which go back 1,400 years. He pays particular attention to Fermanagh's ancient families especially Maguire, O'Flanagan and Mc Manus with their genealogies and has references to numerous other families of  Fermanagh and surrounding counties such as O'Cassidy,   Mc Caffrey, Mc Elroy, Cox, Corrigan, Melanophy, Crudden, Mc Grath, Mc Goldrick, Breslin etc etc. The book is extensively footnoted to bring it alive to the modern reader, scholar and genealogist.

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