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Their Interests

Janet Cassidy I am  an editor and writer specializing in educational  publishing, children's literature, and local history. I live in New York state and have been researching my own family lines for more than 25 years.

My Cassidy line comes from the Derrygonnelly area and emigrated to the US  about 1842. My current research interest involves Ribbon Society activity of the early 1800s.

Fermanagh Surnames: Cassidy, McCaffrey, Flanagan, Love, McBrien.


Gail M Orr Erickson  
Mary Murray I am Mary Murray, I'm a native of Salt Lake City, Utah.  I have been  researching my genealogy for the past 30 years.   I've been fortunate, I have always lived in the Avenues, a historic district, and 5 minutes from the Salt Lake City Family History Library. I am in the process of accreditation in English research.  I have only been working on my Fermanagh Interests, Armstrong and Blakely, for the past couple of years, so I am pretty new to it still.

I first became interested in genealogy by listening to my aunt tell family stories.

I am also a Registered Nurse, and a Nurse Paralegal.   But I enjoy genealogy the most.


Jim Swindell My grandfather, Francis Swindle, b:June 1857, in Co. Fermanagh, d:19 December 19 at Cushwash, Co.Fermanagh, had two families. I am a grandson in the second family.

His first family began while he was a grocer in Maguiresbridge, Co. Fermanagh, in the 1800's. On 5 July 1883, Francis Swindle and Frances Anne Tighe, of Rossnowlagh, Co.Donegal, were married in Rossnowlagh Church of Ireland. Frances Tighe's father was James Tighe, an army surgeon. Francis Swindle's parents were Francis and Mary Anne (Little) Swindle, of Mullaghadoran, Co.Fermanagh. At least two children were born to Francis and Frances Anne Swindle at Maguiresbridge. A girl, Frances Ann, was born 1 October 1884. A boy, Francis, was born 16 November 1886. I am seeking the following information about Francis Swindle's first family.

Birth and death information for his wife, Frances Ann Swindle, nee Tighe. Marriage and death information for their children, Frances Ann and Francis. Also information about any other children they may have had.

I will gladly share information about the second family of Francis Swindle.


Bud Flanagan One of my Quests is to get the information on county Fermanagh into one location that will answer most of our questions.  By Breaking the county down into each individual Parish with one person or a group of people collecting information for this particular area.  Sending this information into a central Info/Bank for access by all and any individual interested.

If the interest is there  we will get this thing going. The easiest way is to do it by parish first. Get one Parish Host and let the assistants tackle the churches, graveyards, ruins, geographical  areas. One area to be addressed is Time periods and records.

I am fomatting a master type index to be a guide, so that all parishes will be aligned the same way.

Remember fellow Fermanagh'ians.  Your Grandfather may have come from Devenish, of Galloon, but each one of them was surronded by other parishes. So where did your Grandmother come from ???

I have personal copies of:

1. Annuals of the Four Masters.
2. O'Harts, "Stem of the Irish Nation", both Volumes.
3. Keatings, "History of Ireland"
4. McManus, " Story of the Irish Race"
5. Book of Ulster Surnames by R. Bell
6. Ordinance Survey Memoirs of Upper Lough Erne, Vol 5
7. Ordinance Survey memoirs of Lower Lough Erne, vol 14.
8. Access to a Family History Center with extensive list of materials about Ireland.


Ronnie Bates Home Page: UPDATED 2 February 2000
Price & de Guerin Families - France & Channel Islands to Australia from 15th Century and into the 21st Century


John Cunningham See here


Vynette Sage I live in the forest of central Arizona, USA. I'm a registered nurse, Ass't Commander of the local very active Search and Rescue Squad, and an avid genealogist. I would like to see as many cemeteries and vital records as possible for County Fermanagh posted on the Internet to the benefit of us all.

My Irish interests are currently:
FOSTER in county Fermanagh and surrounding area,  Church of Ireland, in America (Iowa) by abt.1840

GOUGH in Dublin, Roman Catholic, in America (Georgia, Florida) by 1836

I also research the following surnames:


Jan Hart Currently living in Leicester, England, I was born in Brookeborough some decades ago (!) and took up genealogy again after about a 15 year break. When I first started, there was no computer, no internet, no e-mail and I was sending letters to and from Australia House to buy copies of birth certificates for ancestors in New South Wales. I think I gave up too easily at that time. Now all that has changed! With the aid of the internet I found my 2nd cousin Jon Martin (a subscriber to the Fermanagh list) who has helped me enormously with most of my Australian ancestry information.

My family history isn't an easy one to construct. My brother was born in Canada, my mother and her father were born in Australia; her mother born in Co. Kildare and my father was born in S. Ireland.

Names I'm researching including HOUSTON and COLVILLE from Co. Antrim, NIR; Charles FRASER and Margaret SUTHERLAND from SUT, Scotland and their descendants who emigrated to NSW, Australia. In England my HART ancestors from Barking, Essex/Grimsby, Lincolnshire; SPASHETT and DOCKRELL from Essex/Middlesex; SMITH and GILES from Hampshire and London.

In addition to these names, I am also interested in the fames and fortunes of the Bartons of Clonelly House, the home of my childhood in the 1950s.

I would like to construct as much of my family tree as an heirloom for my daughters who will have their work cut out for them researching their father's ancestors in London, Burma and India!

Hartweb Family Web Site


Bonnie Henderson  
Richard J. Tinneny Columbia, South Carolina USA


Lynne H Irvine I am currently researching my husband's tree - Irvine/Clendenning and Thornberry/Muir. I have got as far back as John Irvine born abt 1770 died Nov 1858 married Jane Clendenning Born abt 1778 died 22 Feb 1860 both buried at Pettigo, Fermanagh I have 3 children for them - William, James and Alexander. William married Anne Arbuckle and came to Australia 1865. James married Mary June Arbuckle and came to Australia abt 1849. I don't think that the Arbuckle girls were sisters.

Henry Thornberry and his wife Mary Muir [which incidentally is my maiden name!] came from County Tyrone I think - well at least his son Henry was born there about 1816 and migrated to Australia 1853 after marrying Jane Stinson in Tyrone, Ireland in 1842.


Chrissy Fletcher  
Art Cooper  
Ken & Helen Harris Thank you for the opportunity to air my interests on the Fermanagh presents site. I feel so fortunate to be a part of such a special endeavour and really appreciate the work involved in setting up and maintaining the site. The selections have been both varied and informative and I thank fellow contributors for their input.

My interests:
FERMANAGH interests - immigrated to Australia 1840s CATHERINE ANNE MCKNIGHT Born Irvinestown 1816
Parents: GEORGE (farmer) and ISABELLA MCKNIGHT
Married .THOMAS CAREY of Derryvullan
Parents: JAMES (schoolmaster) AND BARBARA CAREY(nee) MCKNIGHT)
Children: GEORGE 1843 Leppington NSW
MARY 1846 Hoxton Park NSW
ANNEBELLA 1847 Hoxton Park NSW
JAMES 1850 Hoxton Park NSW
THOMAS JOSEPH 1851 Hoxton Park NSW
CHARLOTTE 1853 Hoxton Park NSW (one of twins)

LIMERICK interests - imigrated to Australia about 1840s:
JOHN CANTY ?1818 of Croom
Parents: THOMAS CANTY and MARY HOGAN married 1808 Fedamore Parish
Married MARGARET HYNES of Whiskey Hall, Finnoo

WEXFORD interests - immigrated to Australia in 1850s:
ANDREW CORISH 1827 of Wexford


Ray Hawkins Submitter: Ray HAWKINS
Resides: Sydney, Australia
Genealogical Research Interests in Fermanagh: RAMSAY / RAMSEY and HETHERINGTON families in I Irvinestown (formerly Lowtherstown) -- Parish of Derryvollen -- and perhaps in neighbouring Co. Tyrone parishes.

Other genealogical research interests: Ulster counties of Donegal & Tyrone (Moorhead, Park, Watson); Derry (Beare, Boyle); Antrim (Thompson, Keon/McKeown); and Campbell and McCammon in Newry (whatever county that is in)


Phyllis Read Everyday I turn on the Fermanagh web site to see what is new.  My husband's grandfather (Robert Read) was from Pettigo,  Robert  wrote columns for the local newspaper, later published as "Pettigo".  I have seen  two hand written copies of this book as well as the published version.  Apparently Robert set the children to this task in their best hand-writing.

The emmigrants who came around 1910 to the Toronto, Ont. area were welcomed by the descendants that had come around 1849 to other parts of Ontario so contact was kept between the family.  My husband, in U.K. 1943 -1945 in the armed forces travelled to Belfast and met his first cousins who have since visited us.

My interest in searching Fermanagh now centres around the names: Roe, Campbell, Dunlop, McCormack all from Doora, near Kesh.   

I appreciate the time and hard work that has been given to this Millennium Project and am eagerly awaiting the final result.


Bill Barber My name is Bill Barber. I reside with my wife and children in Hudson, New Hampshire, USA. My father, William Barber, immigrated to New York in 1925 from County Sligo, Ireland. After his death, I was curious to "find my Irish roots". Little did I know that it would lead me to an extensive search on his mother's side in Co. Fermanagh. I have researched extensively in Enniskillen, the Parish of Inishmacsaint near Roscor, Belfast PRO and the National Archives in Dublin. The primary Fermanagh surnames I have focused on are:


Professionally, I am a Wireless Communications Engineer.


Valerie Henshaw Valerie HENSHAW, nee KERR, b. Edinburgh, Scotland in 1949, raised in Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Harare, Zimbabwe) and citizen of Australia since 1976. I have been tracing my ancestors in Scotland, Ireland and one sassenach line in Cumberland, for twenty five years now and have never lost the thrill of researching.

My 2xgt-grandfather John McNAMARA married Margaret MELANAPHEY in Glasgow in 1857. (On the marriage certificate her name was rendered as Malanfrey and I thought I'd discovered a French line!) I've since found about thirty variant spellings. Margaret (a furniture dealer) and at least three siblings, Catherine, Patrick (a master shoemaker) and Hugh (a hawker), migrated to Glasgow. They were the children of Michael MELANAPHEY, variously described as a farmer, labourer and coal dealer, and Jane COX, and were born between 1826 and 1841 (I think). They all married in Glasgow. Fortunately Catherine and Hugh married in 1855, the first year of statutory registration in Scotland which resulted in heaps of information being collected. Catherine's marriage certificate revealed that she was "born and registered 20 March 1840 at Enniskillen, Ireland". Hugh's says "born and registered in the Parish of Glenally, Co. Fermanagh". Catherine was married by a Church of Scotland minister but Patrick, Hugh and Margaret married according to Roman Catholic rites.


Jon Martin  
Shirlie Black  
Debra Short I am researching Andrew (b ca 1772, d 1829) and Elizabeth (Johnston) Keys (b ca 1770 d 1830), parents of my Jane (Keys) Robinson who immigrated to America 1833 from Fermanagh.

I am also searching for the parentage of James Robinson b ca 1798 from tombstone or 1805 from ship register, who married Jane Keys in Ireland. Family history says he was born in Co Tyrone, but his naturalization papers say Fermanagh.

Debra (Robinson) Short Tuscarawas County, Ohio


Keys Family  


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