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Ray Hawkins writes

I am posting my other Fermanagh family: the HETHERINGTONs.

They also came from Irvinestown/Lowtherstown -- parish of Derryvollan. Again, they seem to have been in several townlands, but especially in DRUMBO (Drumbow).

About 15-20 years ago, the Minister of the Church of Ireland church there, very kindly provided me with the most excellent hospitality, and granted me permission to copy all of the Hetherington entries from a card index which they had compiled from the remaining church registers.

I have since entered those details onto an Excel spreadsheet, which I am happy to search if any of you have Hetherington family in the Derryvollan parish.

I'd love to hear details on any Hetherington people in the area  --- including the nearby parish of Kilskerry in TYRONE, as well as in Enniskillen etc.

Ray Hawkins

Webmaster's note:
Ray's records include more information than has been published here. If you want to check individual details, contact Ray direct.

Dates of individuals who may possibly still be living, have been removed from the web pages, again contact Ray if you want to check some names which appear without dates.

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