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Griffiths Valuation



We have two contributions from Griffiths Valuation: 
Bill Barber who has forwarded information about Inishmacsaint and Devenish, and Jim Swindell who sends Agalurcher.

Bill Barber writes:
Here is my first installment, Transcription of Griffiths Valuation for Inishmacsaint and partial for Devenish. These are partial transcriptions. Not included are the Ordnance Survey Map #, Rateable Annual Valuation, Land Totals and Water.

Inishmacsaint Townlands not photocopied are: Corry, Agameelan, Carran More, Carran Beg, Conagher, Tabagh, Drumbockany, Killymore, Sruhanure, Rosscor, Derrynameeo, Gortnalee, Derrygonnelly, Knockarevan, Wheathill Glebe. Will update in these in the future. Does anyone else have access to these?

Bill Barber, Hudson, NH

"Found in Family files" and contributed by
Jim Swindell

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