Graveyard Memorial Photographic Service

John Cunningham M.A.
Commons, Belleek, County Fermanagh,
N. Ireland BT93 3ED
Would you like a picture of your ancestral gravestone? Many people succeed in finding details of their ancestral headstone or tombstone and would like to have a picture of it for their family album. Graveyard memorials record the last resting-places of our ancestors and are part of our personal history as well as that of our family. Unfortunately it may require a long and expensive journey to acquire this oneself but now it can be taken for you and emailed or sent by airmail in hard copy. It can then be shared as a family gift, used in ones own genealogical site or as an illustration in a genealogical family tree on computer or in printed form. We would like to offer such a photographic service anywhere in Fermanagh and surrounding areas or further afield as requested.

We offer three pictures taken with a digital or standard camera




The individual stone

A panoramic view of the graveyard.

The church attached or associated with that graveyard

Additional photographs can be commissioned of the family house or farm, school attended, local village (modern or ancient photographs), local landscape, mill, railway station etc. as part of the ambient landscape that your ancestors knew and lived in and which shaped their existence. Some of these may have items have vanished but a surprising number survive in reality or photograph. Reasonable guidance to location is expected but research as to farm or house position and whether or not a gravestone exists can be undertaken. In addition to the headstone inscriptions already published on this site (with more to follow) we have access to almost 100 Fermanagh and adjoining area graveyards many of which have never been published anywhere before.

Why not avail of this service today @ 25GBP for our three-picture set with the option of additional pictures @ 10GBP each. Each pack carries a certificate of authenticity and can be accompanied by a gift certificate if it is being given to a friend. Perhaps the family may wish to receive duplicate sets at half price? Personal cheques accepted in dollars etc. to the value of the order in sterling made payable to:
John Cunningham M.A.
Address: Commons, Belleek,
County Fermanagh,
N. Ireland BT93 3ED
e-mail enquiries to John Cunningham
To commemorate ones ancestors an additional service is the laying of a wreath with personal message on the family grave @ 30GBP and separate photograph of this for which there is no charge

Sample Memorial Photograph

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