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Valerie Henshaw writes:
At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to come up with anything useful. However I do have access to b/d/m records pertaining to the state of Victoria here in Australia and it is a simple task to enter Place of Birth = Ferm* or Ennis* or whatever and I retrieved heaps of records. Birthplace = Ferm* (NB : where the record shows only Ferm, this could just as easily refer to Fermoy as Fermanagh; listers can judge for themselves) or Ennis*

DEATHS:   1855-1888 (mainly Victoria, Australia)

MARRIAGES:   1889-1901 (Victoria, Australia)
Birth Place = ferm* or ennis* or pett* or irvin*

MARRIAGES:   1902-1913 (Victoria, Australia)
Birth Place = ferm*


Contributed by Valerie Henshaw

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