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Welcome to the Fermanagh Millennium Presents website.  If this is your first visit here, read on to see why the site was put together.  

This Millenium Present to the Fermanagh Roots Mailing List is the idea of John B Cunningham.  Read all about John here

John posted this to the list in late November 1999.

I had a dream - sorry I had a thought - someone else had a dream - and the thought was that the hardy regulars of the Fermanagh List might consider giving each other a small Fermanagh genealogical Millennium present. I have a little GenStuff file into which I paste all the little bits and pieces which come up on this and other lists - poems, unusual sources, an emigrant letter, a good news genealogical find, a short study of some genealogical source, a chance find to share with others, etc. I have learned and had enjoyment from all of them. Perhaps we could all contribute a little known item such as an unpublished graveyard recording or a family listing from a particular parish register, an emigrant tale - anything with a Fermanagh genealogical relevance - things we have done ourselves rather than a simple cut and paste from somewhere although this can be useful if it is part of an analysis or study.

John's idea was met with great enthusiasm and the pages that follow are Millenium presents to all members of the Fermanagh mailing list.

Contributions were accepted during the month of January 2000 and extended to the end of February 2000).  The site is now finished and will remain on the world wide web as a valuable resource to anyone researching their roots in County Fermanagh.

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The spirit of co-operation between researchers lives on in the Fermanagh Gold Website.

You can contact John Cunningham at Adam4Eves@aol.com  

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