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Cushwash Farm, Lisnaskea



Jim Swindell writes:
In 1898 my great grand-uncle Robert Little had been the Tenant of Cushwash Farm in Lisnaskea, Co. Fermanagh, for some time. He remained at Cushwash until he died, abt 1909.

Form No.39. SCHEDULE referred to in the order of even date herewith fixing a fair rent.

Particulars of holdings ascertained and recorded pursuant to Section
County: Fermanagh Record No.6143 Landlord: Earl of Erne
No.of Ordnance Sheet : 34 Tenant : Robert Little
Date upon which Holding inspected : 3rd day of February 1898
Who attended on behalf of Landlord : Mr. Hufford
Who attended on behalf of Tenant : Tenant

1. Give a concise description of the Holding and the Buildings thereon, stating particulars of aspect, elevation, water supply, situations as to markets, railways and county roads etc.. Also state how the Holdingis used,i.e.,as a tillage farm or as a mixed farm or as a grazing or dairy farm; if mainly a grazing or dairy farm state carrying power.

This is a compact holding of fair good soil throughout on limestone gravel & stony bottom, about 10 dairy cows kept and their calves, remainder is tilled. The Buildings consist of a substantial 2 storied slated dwelling house, a lofted stable and cow house, slated; also a number of thatched out offices and a mill (corn) which was burned down some years ago, part of the roof only on a portion of this. Aspect varies. Elevation 200 to 250.Water supply ample. Lisnaskea Market Town and Ry. station 1/2mile. Co. road intersects. Used as mixed holding.

2. Is the Holding suitably used? What is the present condition of the holding as to cultivation and if the Holding and the buildings thereon, as to deterioration or otherwise? If there is deterioration, state how it is shown and has apparently been caused and give like particulars as to any improved condition.

Yes, and is in good condition being well cultivated, fences & drains in good order, also the buildings, well situated & easy of access. The Corn Mill which was burnt in 1880 is unroofed except one part which is occupied for farm purposes. Tenant improved Holding by bush and stone drains planting quick fences and leveling and draining others. There is also a scutch mill belonging to the Landlord which by mutual agreement is now to be added to this holding for which the Tenant has agreed to give him L 5 per year for together with the portion of ground forming the approach to it.

The classes of land were as follows:
2nd class grazing
3rd class grazing
Good for tillage
Co. Roads
Mill Pond
Portion of mill pond site of flax mill
Total Area : 42 Acres 2 Rods 0 perches

Fair Rent of the Holding: L 44 - 8 - 3

Dated : 13th day of July 1898

Signed by Legal and Lay Assistant Commissioners.
C. H. Teeling
J. N. Porter
F. M. Ellyott

Transcribed from the original document by Jim Swindell

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