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BEST. In loving memory of our father Matthew Best J.P. died 29th December 1967 aged 77 years. Henrietta Best died 14th February 1976 aged 81 years. Also son Matthew (Harry) Best died 2nd April 1993 aged 70 years. Erected by Harry, Mary and Noel
[Matthew Best J.P. was the principal of Lack Primary School from 1928 - 1955, he was also a Justice of the Peace. He was an active member within the local Church community, holding the positions of secretary and treasurer from 1928 - 1967.]

BOYD. Greenan. In loving memory of Matilda Ann Boyd died 2nd Nov. 1928. Her husband James died 18th January 1937. Her daughter Kathleen died 4th March 1991 and their son Thomas died 6th December 1992. "In God's Keeping."

WALKER. In loving memory of Robert John Walker, Mweelbane, who died 12th July, 1968 aged 72 years. Also his wife Mary Jane Walker died 1983 aged 87 years. James Virtue died 3rd Oct 1937 aged 48 years. Mary Ann Walker died 2nd March 1928 aged 57 years. Jack Virtue died 25th March 1960 aged 82 years. William Virtue died 29th Aug 1947 aged 59 years. John Virtue died 24th Nov. 1924 aged 28 years.

GINN. In loving memory of our dear son William James died 15th Nov. 1966 aged 9 years and his mother Barbara Jane died 18th Jan 1981 aged 69 years. Also her husband Crozier died 9th Feb 1991 aged 87 years. "Safe In God's Keeping."

In loving memory of William John Irvine of Stranadariff who died 19th December 1927 aged 78 years.

CROZIER. In loving memory of my dear husband Francis Christopher Crozier who departed this life 10th Jany 1936 aged 40 years. Also his father Thomas Crozier who departed this life 2nd May 1927 aged 74 years. Also Helen P. Crozier wife of Francis Christopher who departed this life 26th September 1978 aged 72 years. "Until the Day Break." Mary J. Crozier died 26th March 1941 aged 75 and William J. Crozier died 7th June 1945 aged 60 years. Also his wife Elizabeth M. Crozier died 5th July 1976 aged 86 years.

BRATTON. In loving memory of a dear husband and father, Samuel George died 7th November 1990. "Worthy of Everlasting Remembrance."
[Samuel Bratton (Sammy) was the gamekeeper on Glenarn mountain for the Irvine estate.]

BRATTON. In loving memory of Oliver James born 4th May 1904 died on the 15th June 1989. Also his wife Sarah Anne, born 20th June 1920 died on the 23rd May 1991. "Peace, Perfect Peace."

JOHNSTON. In loving memory of Margaret Jane Johnston, Drumnavaghan, died 21st January 1974 aged 67 years. Also Mary Johnston died 15th June 1937 aged 70 years and her husband William Johnston died 23rd May 1944 aged 82 years. Also William John Johnston the husband of Margaret J. died 24th January 1989 aged 90 years. "Peace, Perfect Peace."

BRATTON. In loving memory of William died 12th March 1947 aged 90 years. His wife Elizabeth died 4th Nov. 1941 aged 75 years. Samuel Thomas died 10th Aug 1953 aged 62 years. His wife Sarah Jane died 10th Oct. 1961 aged 71 years. Robert died 21st Sept 1965 aged 70 years. "Peace, Perfect Peace."

BEACOM. Everlasting memories of a dear wife and mother Violet Maud (Drumborty) died 24th May 1985 aged 66 yrs. And also husband Albert died 20th May 1990 aged 73 years. "Forever with the Lord."

NELSON. In loving memory of Annabella Nelson, Kilsmallen, died 16th July 1975 aged 68 years and her husband Alfred died 1st June 1982 aged 78 years. "Till we meet again." [Alfred Nelson was the last of his family to be buried in these grounds, the rest of his family, including his parents emigrated to New Zealand around the 1920's.]

To the memory of the Speer family, Largy. "In Heavenly Love Abiding."

ARMSTRONG. In loving memory of Thomas Armstrong, Stranahone, died 21st March 1992 aged 96 years and his wife Margaret Jane died 4th April 1988 aged 81 years. "Safe in the Arms of Jesus."

Erected by William Barton of Drumgowna, in loving memory of his daughter Maggie who departed this life 28th Sep 1893 aged 43 years.

WILSON. In loving memory of Ollie Wilson died 4th Nov. 1981 aged 88 years and his wife Margaret Ann died 23rd July 1983 aged 88 years. "The Lord is my Shepherd."

MCBRYDE. In loving memory of Ethel Elizabeth died 28th May 1987. "Peace, Perfect Peace." [Ethel McBryde was the wife of a RUC officer who was stationed for a long period of time in the village of Lack.]

OLDMAN. In loving memory of George who died 14th November 1985 aged 74 years. His son Thomas James murdered by the I.R.A. on 3rd April 1987 aged 39 years. "Peace, Perfect Peace." "Thanks be to God which Giveth us the Victory Through Our Lord Jesus Christ."

Arthur Patton died 12th October 1945 and his wife Margaret died 2nd November 1958.

ROBINSON. In loving memory of Hugh died 2nd Oct 1973 aged 91 years and his wife Mary died 20th July 1932 aged 52 years. Interred in Irvinestown Churchyard. "Peace, Perfect Peace."

BRATTON. In loving memory of George Bratton died 13th October 1973 aged 71 years and his wife Margaret Maria died 24th August 1973 aged 74 years. "Peace, Perfect Peace."

In loving memory of Lawrence Whitcombe Noble Hall died 8th November 1970. His wife Eileen Mary died 10th November 1976. "At Rest." (Picture of ship on stone) [Lawrence Whitcombe Noble Hall was the son of William Whitcombe Hall, who was the principle of Lack Primary School for a period of time. Lawrence W. Noble was the father of David Hall, the owner of the famous bookshop in Enniskillen.]

KEYS. In loving memory of Isabella died 4th January 1938 aged 62 years. Charles died 5th October 1938 aged 65 years and their son William John died 1st February 1967 aged 57 years. "Thy Will Be Done."

Erected by Samuel Keys in memory of his father Irvine Keys died 18th of June 1898 aged 87 years. Also his mother Jane died 18th July 1908 aged 93 years. Also his wife Eliza Jane died 16th April 1929 aged 74 years and the above Samuel Keys died 20th March 1926 aged 79 years. Also his daughter in law Lizzie Jane wife of Samuel Keys who died 9th June 1947 aged 50 years and his daughter Elizabeth died 11th October 1957 aged 73 years. Also his son Robert John Keys husband of Minnie Keys died 20th December 1959 aged 77 years.

In loving memory of my dear father and mother Irvine Keys Glenarn died 9th Oct 1902. Eliza Keys died 16 Aug 1909. Erected by their daughter Lizzie. USA



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