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Jan Hart has contributed this previously unpublished letter from Thomas Barton (1694-1780) of Bordeaux, France.

This letter was  written to Mr John Keys and gives a fascinating insight into his requirements for accommodation to be prepared on Barton's return to Fermanagh.

The spelling, capitalisation and punctuation have been retained from the original letter.

Mr John Keys
Bordeaux 24 January 1769

Dear Sir,

I wrote you two leters the 20th of last month With a copy to Messrs Ogles of Newry leter to me concerning theire takeing part of the Killmore Estate. that out of Lease & also a copy of my leter In answer to them on that subject to which refers I sent them leters by way of Ballyshannon to be sent you from theme by Express by cousin Thomas Dickson & refers you to the contents of them - I Received no leter from you since which surprises me. I have not anything farther to add concerning the Killmore Estate but that I am Resolved to agree with & give leases to Messrs Ogles of Newry on any Reasonable terms.

As I foresee that I shall be greatly stinted at Curraghmore for Lodgings & Room for my self & servants & friends that may Come there to see me. I Begg the favouor of you that as soon as you Receive this leter that you Will order Deal Boards from Ballyshannon & Carpenteres & get first the little Room off the Parlour at Curraghmore floored Well & the Window in the room made larger to give Light to that Room that done to get the two Rooms off the Kitchen Likewise Well floored With Deal Boards & make them as Hansom as possible or that time Will permit - & if time Will permit it to get the Windows made a little Larger With fireplaces in Each Room. & as there is no proper place for servants to Lodge Set about on Receipt hereoff the Building a good Wall Cabin on the North side of the House as Long & Large as convenient. With two Watle & Clay Partitions in it & a fireplace in the middle Where meat may be Dressed if occasion & Beads on Rushes may be put at each End of the Cabin for Servants to Lie on Large Enough for a Bead on each side of Each Little Room this I leave to your own Invention & Management & if you have not time to make the good Wall you may make the side Walls with any ordinary timber ash or oak & cover the little Rafts etc With straws (?) to keep out the Wind & Rain to doe you may cut ash or in the orchards racks or where you please for those Rafts etc

Canot be Got at Ballyshannon they may be brought by sea from Sligo to Ballyshannon & by Boat from Ballyshannon to Curraghmore. Cousin Thomas Dickson or Cousin James Dickson Junr. On your Desiring it Will Get this done for you if needfull. In short my Dear Mr Keys I leave all to your Management & shall be pleased With Everything that you doe & to get Everything done as soon as possible I wrote Capn Barton to Buy 4 Beads Blankets sheets & Curtains etc to send to Curraghmore knives forks table Lining & Chairs which no Doubt he will doe as soon as posible

I have desired him to send Brother George a sute of Cloathes & another sute for Brother Anthony but I will not have Anything by any means to come to Curraghmore for I will not see him on any account he Disobliged me Greatly - doe not Write me any anser to this Leter for I shall get out for London before I can Receive any anser to it from you -

My Love to all friends I am sincerely
Dear Sir your Very affectionate
Friend & Servant

Thomas Barton


Contribution from Jan Hart

Bartons of Boa Island
Extract from John Cunningham's Book

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