This page has been constructed to provide help in downloading several files made available in the Fermanagh Friends area. The information below however may be useful to you in other contexts.

Warning:  It is recommended you install an anti-virus program on your computer. It is not advisable to download or open a .zip or .exe file unless you know exactly where it has come from and what the file is designed to do. These types of files are "executable" (i.e. they will run on your computer) and are the most common way of distributing virus programs). For more information about anti virus help, see HERE

If you choose to save a .zip file to your own computer, you will need an "unzip" utility to extract the file and present it back in it's original format. The 4 files offered on the Irvinestown page give a variety of choices depending on which program you have. You need to know if you have any of these programs available on your computer:

Excel97 (or Excel2000)
Works V.4
If you have a different spreadsheet program, e.g. Lotus, you should use the .CSV file
If you are using a MAC use the CSV Mac file.

First of all, save the appropriate file onto your hard drive and make a note of where it has gone if you didn't decide specifically where to save it.

Next you need an unzip utility to extract the file.  If you haven't done this before, it's really quite easy and, possibly, you will already have an unzip program on your computer.  The best way to check is:  double click on the .zip file you've just saved. Either you will get a message saying your PC doesn't know which program to open it with, or a series of screens will show activity as the file is extracted.  

If the file is extracted, you will notice a new file with the same name as the original zip one, the only difference being the end 3 letters after the "dot" (e.g. the Irvinestown files in the Fermanagh Friends area):

The Excel97 file will end with .xls
The WorksV4 file will end with .wps
The CSF file will end with .csv (this applies to both versions)

Click on this new file and it will open in the appropriate program.

You can download pkunzip is a popular unzip utility - click HERE to download. Save this file in the same place as the irvinestown file saved earlier. 

Double click on the file you wish to unzip and a new window will open on your screen showing you the unzip activity. It will happen very quickly. You can then close the unzip window and check to see you have the new unzipped file in your folder.

From here proceed as above