Fermanagh Gold Introduction

Fermanagh Gold is an independent web site with no affiliations to any genealogical organisation.  

The main objective for the website has been to make freely available information for all researchers with an interest in their roots in County Fermanagh.

Fermanagh Gold website contains two sections:

General Information for anyone to browse
Fermanagh Friends: genealogy information with searchable databases containing records

General Information
These pages are generally called Fermanagh Gold. The General Contents page HERE lists links to sections including Genealogy Resources, Research, History, Culture and Fermanagh Focus which aims to concentrate on villages and towns within the county.

Fermanagh Friends
These pages are recognised by the additional set of gold button links on the left side of the screen.

Access to these pages is available to Fermanagh Friends who have subscribed to the Fermanagh-Gold mailing list. This method of "registration" was chosen to enable instant access to the website address for those wishing to search the records. The Fermanagh-Gold mailing list is operated by Rootsweb who were chosen because of the extensive experience and generally accepted method of control they exercise in relation to their mailing lists.  The operation of the mailing list has no connection with the operation of the Fermanagh Gold website.

Fermanagh Friends who once they have subscribed to the mailing list, can choose whether to continue membership of the list. Leaving the list has no effect on future searching of the website records.

Content on the website has been freely contributed by supporters and will remain there until such time as the contributor requests removal of the information.

Contributions are welcome from any Fermanagh researcher. The content may be genealogical history, family information or records. To provide an interesting picture of our ancestors contributions are also invited about history, culture, photos, booklists, links to your own site, in fact anything that is of relevance to Co. Fermanagh.  If you would like to contribute some material email Jan with details. 

Special thanks are due to John Cunningham who has contributed many items of his own research to the website.

The Fermanagh Gold website is owned and maintained by Jan Hart who lives in England but was born in Co. Fermanagh.

Jan Hart October 2001

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